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Write Daily

As an expert, master the art of writing and whatever you do, “do not write in a bubble” (Karen Horne, SVP) share your work. Start by writing in your journal daily. As a writer, you must have a powerful and precise vocabulary. All writers need a dictionary. You need several be sure to download the online American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language in your cellphone or on your tablet. The online American Heritage dictionary is a good source for word roots and history.  Get in the habit of writing daily. Even if you only have 15 minutes. Use those minutes to write about whatever comes to mind. You can write about your day at the coffee shop or meeting someone special. As a writer, you are the expert that will turn your raw material into  books, courses, study guides or television series we will watch on Netflix. Think like a poet. Write like a poet. Work like a poet. Read the example below that is written by our founder Cherise A. Williams.

"Your love is my amazing grace that smiles upon me like a setting sun."~Cherise A. Williams

We encourage you to think this over

How is the television journalist reporting the same story differently when you watch the news? Give yourself a sense of storytelling by reading and watching how television journalist reports the news on CBS This Morning, E-News, and MSNBC.   Read different news articles online from MSNBC Daily or Forbes. When you do this, it makes you culturally literate.   It takes discipline and commitment to be a writer. What’s in your toolbox? If you do not have a toolbox start by downloading Evernote or list notes to write down your thoughts.  Always remember you have ideas that are worth reading.  


The above partial lecture came from our founder Cherise A. Williams educator notes, speechwriting journal notes she took when she was in speech class,  Writing for Social Justice class, and Writing for Television with Shonda Rhimes (Masterclass) and Karen Horne (ABFF).

Miracle lady in the window: 
Cherise A. Williams, founder
Photo by: Jocelyn Ventura 
MUA: Grace Ha
Miracle lady in the window: Cherise A. Williams, founder Photo by: Jocelyn Ventura MUA: Grace Ha

Tips to keep you moving forward

Tip 1: Write in a way that follow human thought pattern...

Tip 2: Study your discipline one hour a day...